We’ve premiere a new track from Dublin techno mainstay Jack Jennings, as he dips his toes into the world of 90’s inspired techno. ‘The Groove Stock’ intertwines aquatic style synth lines with high-powered low-end grooves and dynamic percussive rhythms to create a blast from the past style techno track.

Taking inspiration from 90s/early 00s techno and his roots in house music, Dublin’s Jack Jennings has been a regular within the cities nightclubs, stemming from his earliest days as a promoter with Stoop, to his productions that have found their way to labels all across Europe.

Jack’s sound has evolved from earlier productions on Portugal’s Trau-ma Records, to his most recent release on Dublin’s very own Syncopated Records, but throughout his own music and the energy he creates in his mixes, there has always been one common goal. A focus on the two elements of techno that he considers most important, a focus on fast paced rhythms with a hypnotic groove.

With previous releases also on Berlin’s Gobsmacked Records, Dublin’s Delinquent Delivery and Syncopated Records, Jack’s music has received recognition from artists such as Rene Wise, Luciano Esse, Setaoc Mass and FEM to name a few. A story that started in 2016 is far from over yet, with an exciting start to the year already under way.

‘The Groove Stock’ lives up to its name as Jack Jennings provides a tight and dynamic look into funk powered techno. Jack uses nimble filter changes on his lead synth to create an instantaneously shuffly groove that plays off his pulsating low-end charisma that has become synonymous with his tracks. A commanding vocal hit and staggering percussion section, seal the deal for an infectious techno groove.

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