2023 is all set to be the year of trance infused techno, and we’re here for it. Today we premiere a track from Belgian artist OTON that ticks a lot of boxes across the spectrum of dance music as we share his track ‘Belgam’ from his debut album ‘Re-Birth’.

OTON, Belgian producer, DJ and founder of label and party ‘Alliance Club’, hosted at the legendary Fuse, delivers his debut album, Re-Birth, on his evolving imprint. A speedy ride through trance, techno and rave ensues, culminating in ten hair-raising tracks designed for a dank dance floor at peak time. OTON christens his album Re-Birth, named after one of the most seminal tracks from Belgian heritage.

Carving out his sound, he’s taken influence from the cutting room floor of raves gone by, blending influences of classic jungle, footwork, juke, breaks and European neo-rave energy, OTON channels breakneck tempos and psychedelic melodies on his first album. A series of B-sides is set to follow up RE-Birth in the coming year.

Today we premiere the absolute stomper ‘Belgam’ – veering towards acidland, “Belgam” is a breaks-meets-acid-meets-trance mutation, fusing a squishy synthline and Hed-Kandi-tinged vocals to create a shimmering but sultry track.

From OTON;

“This ten-track collection showcases my signature fast-paced sound in the techno trance and break genres, while paying tribute to the influences that have shaped my music. I really believe that a part of this signature comes from errors you do copying your masters and that too many amazing pieces of work are lost in hard drives because of social pressure. It’s important to stay true to yourself and do things that make sense to you, even if they go against the norms. Trends change quickly, so it’s better to focus on what feels authentic rather than trying to fit in.”

OTON we can confirm, is on the ball. Turn this one up and forget your problems for a few minutes.

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