We premier Latvian techno DJ and producer SKD’s contribution to the 10-year anniversary compilation of Berlin queer collective and label ‘Gegen’ with his track Serpents Of The Snake Pit.

SKD is known to bounce through post industrial techno, techno and experimental electronic music. The Latvian natives slows it right down to create a heavy deconstructed drum workout at a steady chugging pace of 120bpm. Glaring synths, distorted percussion, unraveled kick drums and a harrowing vocal, make for a haunting and sinister broken beat chugger.

Following on from a release on Webuildmachines alongside Headless Horseman, Opus Daemonii and more. The Latvian native comes in strong with an impressive drum workout for Berlin party heavyweights Gegen.

The third and final volume that we’ve premiered of the compilation comes with tracks from techno mainstay’s Ayarcana, Espectra Negra, Hypnoskull, SKD and more.

Celebrating 10 years of existence, Gegen will showcase their past decade of parties into a newly founded label, by showcasing the artists that have been at the heart of the infamous party series.

The compilation is built on a sonic narrative arc, with releases growing harder, faster and harsher, mimicking the progression of a Gegen party. Gegen will be releasing the 3 parts every two weeks. Gegen invite listeners and friends old and new to a month long journey through the Gegen sound.

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