Few musical acts have captivated us as much as Nixer, since their meteoric rise in 2020. The Irish born, London based duo released their latest single ‘People Feel’ at midnight last night and it’s another homerun for the pair.

Nixer burst onto the Irish music panorama in June in 2020 with their single ‘Your Days Are Over’, a triumphant yet desolate inauguration for the duo. The band continued in a similar fashion, with singles ‘Magnolia Mouth’ and ‘Gentrification’, the singles come packed with exultant melodies yet the tracks are suffused with harrowing undertones.

Nixer’s latest single ‘People Feel’ is the first glance at their forthcoming 6 track concept EP, which is due to land in early 2022. The single is a concise and efficacious, welcome to the release. The direct vocal’s seem as if they’re going to leap through my speakers and grab me, the baseline screams sprint to the dance-floor, the guitar rifts eclipse my emotions and it’s all glued together by unsparing kick and snare pairing. It’s a 2 minute and 37 second rollercoaster, delivered with utter simplicity.

‘People Feel’ the EP is a welcome introduction into the conceptual worlds that Nixer will build around the project in years to come. Driven by surroundings, experiences, and nightlife; delivered by a love for storytelling, sounds and production. ‘People Feel’ will be released on Blowtorch Records in early 2022 with a planned vinyl release coming in April 2022.

The London based duo have been receiving colossal support from BBC 6, Iggy Pop, Gemma Bradley, Phil Taggart, with many more to follow. Watching the pair grow has been a real delight as the band’s raw screeching poetic nuances, are matched with unvanquished melodies and dance floor equated rhythms. The pairing are both authentic and fearless.

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