Renowned DJ and producer, Rebekah announced a 38 track techno VA entitled ‘End The Silence’ which coincides with her #ForTheMusic campaign, which has been running for over a year.

The compilation contains tracks from Slam, Developer, ØTTA, AnD & many more of some of techno’s most prolific producers. The VA also includes tracks from Irish producers, Sunil Sharpe, Defekt & DAHRYL.

The campaign which was launched in September of last year was aimed to protect people in the music industry against sexual harassment and particularly to encourage people to speak up about the topic and continue to be vocal.

Hello my name is Rebekah, I am a DJ / producer working within dance music. I started a campaign ForTheMusic alongside a website MeToo-Music to tackle the ongoing sexual harassment women and minorities face in the industry.

One of the issues is that when survivors speak out they are often dismissed or not believed, this has lead me to understand that our industry is still not emphatic or ready to accept that sexism and assault in all its guises exists. From reading studies it became apparent that education is desperately needed in how people can become better bystanders, or upstanders, meaning instead of the silence around harassment and assault we can start to feel confident about speaking out when we see or hear of abuse and ultimately protecting those more vulnerable on our dance floors.

But how do you go about this when our industry is a global phenomenon and speaking numerous languages? I believe we can do this through film, show the world what a normal night out looks like through the eyes of the most vulnerable, showing real life situations and what the aftermath looks like for the survivors and ultimately how we can start to act in a way that brings the community together to take responsibility for everybody.

As you know films are expensive to shoot and something of this size will need funding, I am asking for donations to go towards the costs of this, we are hoping to raise 10,000 euros and in return we will give you music, because that’s ultimately why we are here, ForTheMusic.

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