Roza Terenzi & JD have combined forces, to create an immense Australian genre bending collaboration for Roza’s, Step Ball Chain, imprint.

The Australian pair have amalgamated this 12 inch in great style. The EP is genre-bending in every sense of the word, as it twists and turns from downtempo breaks, to pumping trance, within the flip of a record. Somehow the pair have managed to keep the record sounding thoroughly cohesive, while still shuffling genres and soundscapes.

The record was constructed from studio sessions in Melbourne but the artists now reside on different continents. It’s clear though that the musical connection remains firm and present throughout the EP. Moving from new-age junkyard to devious dnb, with such class.

A subconscious inhale of precious tranquillity, Step No.4 hosts a rare and sentimental collaboration between Roza Terenzi and Australian virtuosic enigma jd. An intrinsic connection of friendship, understanding and mutual exchange of instinctive musical roots in the form of EP Third Nature. 

This highly anticipated pairing proves a contemporary form of analog/electric hybrid collaboration; an endless portal into groundbreakingly tweaked visions and the mergings of minds.

A beautiful release that explores both past and present through four finely crafted cuts.

You can pre-order it here.

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