Dublin based producer Sharpson, has just dropped his latest bit of music on his imprint, Choki Biki. His latest single is a love letter to the UK rave scene with distinct Dublin influences.

Sharson follows up his release on Deborah De Luca’s label, Solamente with a switch up of styles. Sharpson hones in on UK influences through his breakbeat infused techno single. It’s got all the right ingredients to make a strong anthem, trance synths, pitched up vocals and a hard hitting acid bassline.

Other than the track name being common Dublin slang, the track itself is littered with Dublin nuances. Vocal’s are supplied by Wax White (Damien Guilfoyle / Gavin Furlong), two homegrown rappers. While influences may stem from the UK, it’s got Dublin written all over it. I’ve always tried to create a unique sound for myself. When I was DJing Drum & Bass years ago, I wanted to show off as a producer. I would play original tunes in my sets, but no one would know it was my track, which was frustrating. Rather than just being a ponce and screaming down a microphone ‘THIS WAS MADE BY ME!’, I decided to go down a different route.

‘4 Ur Ma’ is accompanied by a music video that encompasses Sharspon’s views on Dublin’s club culture and his path in the underground scene.

The Director, Stephen Hallinan, on the music video
The song really caught my eye as something with a strong sense of fun, but not just fun for fun’s sake. It had such a strong and passionate sample that the song blends this strange sense of comedy but passion. I wanted to create visuals that captured the fun of being out on the town together with friends, but also the messiness and underbelly associated with the feeling of heading out and listening to club music.

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