Respected and loved label Perc Trax is known for releasing music by some of the world’s biggest and best names with everything from heavy and driving techno to the lighter side such as deep house.

Perc Trax is a familiar name to most interested in techno, based in London and run by Perc it unites artists and fans across the world with high quality releases.

They have just compiled a MASSIVE playlist of their artists sets, including both DJ and live sets. As of the time of us writing this article it currently has 111 mixes in it however they have stated more will be added as they go online. The playlist features Perc, Ansome, Manni Dee, Scalameriya, Ghost In The Machine, I Hate Models, Head Front Panel, Tymon, Sawf, Forward Strategy Group, DJ Boss and many more.

This playlist as it currently stands will provide you with 99 hours and 10 minutes of music, or just over four days consecutively. Start it right now and you will finish it to start your work from home on Monday…

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