Following the news that the late night bus the Nitelink will not be returning to the Dublin roads on October 22nd as restrictions are set to be lifted which includes the re-opening of late night bar and nightclubs, a petition has arisen to combat the decision.

With late venues due to reopen, people already travelling to and from late shifts for work and generally people trying to travel safely across our city at night, the uncertainty around the restarting of the Nitelink is putting us all at risk. On top of this, public transport is vital to any efforts to tackle the climate crisis – it is a hugely regressive step for the Nitelink to not be in service. We need to reinstate the Nitelink now.

The bus service that operates until 4am is essential for both bar and nightclub staff as well as attendees of bars and nightclubs for travelling home cost efficiently and safely. With an influx of people commuting at late night hours in the capital due to the easing of restrictions it would only seem logical to resurrect the bus service.

We would encourage everyone to take the small time to sign the petition so we can try change the decision of the continued pausing of the Nitelink.

Sign the petition here.

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