While The Cobblestone pub isn’t a dance music venue, the threat of yet again another Irish music being lost is very much looming over the Smithfield pubs head.

The Cobblestone, Tom Mulligan’s traditional Irish music bar and venue has been the cornerstone of Smithfield’s community for decades and has been home to copious amount of trad musicians in the heart of the capital. The pub has welcomed popular musicians Lisa O’Neill, Lankum and Skipper’s Alley on numerous occasions. A family run pub and music venue in the city centre of Dublin is becoming a rarity due to the increased gentrification of Ireland. The Cobblestone is widely known as the main hub for the broader traditional Irish Music community in the country and a cornerstone of Irish culture.

Uplifts petition to save the venue has nearly reached 20,000 signatures in 24 hours. We can not allow for the planning permission of this proposed hotel. This would involve the demolition of the backroom venue, the smoking area, and the rooms upstairs where music and Irish language classes were held, leaving only the main bar swallowed up by a 9 story hotel essentially turning the leftovers into a residents bar.

Too many music venues have suffered a similar faith within recent years to make room for hotels. We can’t allow for the demolition of culture in this city.

Sign the petition here

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