Ross From Friends is the newest artist to be signed to Flying Lotus’s Brainfeeder label. His new EP ‘Aphelion’ was announced and is due to be released on April 6 and Brainfeeder have already given us a taster with the single ‘John Cage’ as the first track released via the label on their Soundcloud yesterday.

The English producer has had a huge year following the release of his album ‘The Outsiders’ in 2017 which commanded a following that led to sold out records and sold out international shows. His track ‘(Talk To Me) You’ll Understand’ surfaced in 2015 hailing over a million plays on YouTube and more across Soundcloud. Since then he’s cultivated a lo-fi style with hazy guitar lines, well chosen vocal samples and a humorous online and press presence. He’s arguably one of the best received artists to emerge from the commercial lo-fi scene in recent years – and he’s at Forbidden Fruit on Sunday, June 3.

‘Ross From Friends Live‘, a three man live show developed using guitar, saxophone, keys and Ableton and after taking months to perfect, it definitely isn’t a show to miss. After returning to his Irish fans for his show in The Button Factory last year, his return to Ireland is set to be a good one.

Listen to his new single ‘John Cage’ here.

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