Ryan Air pilots in Ireland are due to take industrial action next Thursday after voting overwhelmingly in favour of doing so due to slow impact and progression of union negotiation talks regarding industrial issues and unfair working conditions.

The strike is set to last 24 hours, but pilots are threatening that there may be more in the future – potentially causing havoc for customers and passengers, so be wary if you have any festival flights booked or are planning any festival outings abroad for the rest of the summer.

Another thing to consider is looking into airlines used when buying festival package deals (ticket, flights and accommodation) – just incase Ryan Air is the airline of choice for the festival’s package deal.

Pat Dawson, The Irish Travel Agents Association’s CEO, claims “”Any cancellations at this point will result in major consequences for travellers with booked accommodation and connecting travel plans completely disrupted, leading to additional costs to customers.”

With ongoing unfair working circumstances, we would advise that you consider alternative airlines when booking your flights from Ireland to festivals abroad, as it seems like this issue has been going on for a while and will be on going for the foreseeable future and could definitely effect the extensive list of festivals happening throughout July including Melt!, Exit festival and more.

If your flights have been affected, you can find out more about your rights here.


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