With festival season just about over, Clubbing season is swinging back into action and like always, make sure you and your mates are safe when clubbing.

The what seemed to be short but eventful festival season, festivals draw to a close and the vibrant club scene of Ireland blossoms again for weeks of International and local acts filling up clubs all around Ireland. The welfare of you and your friends should always be paramount when heading out on nights. Here are a few bits of welfare advice that can help you and your mates stay safe.

1. Leave the mixing to the DJ 
Mixing drugs, including alcohol and  prescription medication increases your risk of becoming unwell or overdosing.

2. Keep cool and stay hydrated 
Sip water, but don’t drink over a pint an hour. Take breaks from dancing and give yourself time to cool down.

3. Don’t be afraid to get help
Especially if you or a friend becomes unwell or feels suicidal after using drugs. Be honest with emergency services about what was taken, they are there to help.

Just like festival season, always be careful and when you feel ill after taking a substance, immediately get help from first aid or staff at a venue and also do the same if your friend is feeling unwell. District 8 issue some important welfare too over on their socials, have a look right here.


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