Karl Guest’s bi-weekly feature ‘The Guest List’ is back… Every two weeks we ask Karl to pick 10 of his favourite and upcoming releases, written by Karl Guest himself.

Karl is one of the few Dublin DJs that’s equally talented in playing house and techno alike, constantly altering his style from gig to gig, similarly to what he chooses to listen to – he’s had a busy year championing nights all over Dublin and at festivals all over the country, so we’re glad we could catch him to share his versatile taste with all of us.

Without further adieu, here’s Karl’s picks of the week…

1. Pink Skull – Vr4l4r

Insult To Injury are back with a new EP courtesy of the Berlin duo Pink Skull. The lead track ‘Vr4I4r’ is a slow acid banger laced with distorted machine noise alongside deep drum hits and crunchy claps. This track is a real slow burner and as it progresses, the acid bass develops and so too does the metallic synth that lies over it.

Label: Insult To Injury
Release: 30/11/18

2. The Micronauts Ft. Mohini Geisweiller & Mike Theis – Dirt

The Micronauts is the side project of French DJ/Producer Christophe Monier. He uses this alias as an outlet for his leftfield takes on house and techno. The album ‘Head Control Body Control’ is the third he’s released under ‘The Micronauts’ moniker. This track is really melodic and layered with synths, glockenspiels and clever sound design making the track unpredictable and harmonically rich. It’s all topped off by the euphoric vocal gliding over the top.

Label: Micronautics
Release: 30/11/18

3. Jayda G – The Voice In Your Head 

This track from Canadian producer Jayda G was the first track in Stamp The Wax’s charity Advent Calendar for 2018. The tune itself is deeply atmospheric with jazzy drum breaks, resonating piano chords and ethereal vocal chops throughout

Label: Stamp The Wax
Release: 01/12/18

4. Carlton Doom – Necrodancer 

Belfast producer Carlton Doom is back with a blistering four track EP of up front, banging electro. The lead track ‘Necrodancer’ has been making waves throughout the techno community with it’s jagged synth bass, broken beat patter and tight snares adding lots of energy to the piece. A haunting synth melody drifts in and out giving the track an eerie feel. The whole EP is a solid 10/10 and I’m really looking forward to seeing what he has in stores for us next.

Label: Deep Sea Frequency
Release: 21/11/18

5. Midlands League & Ward – BMW Region 

Midlands League have had some of their music featured on here before and we’re big fans of the Portlaoise duo. They recently teamed up with Ward, one of the Anti Social Acid Club founders and the result was this… A blistering techno track that’s guaranteed to ignite dancefloors.

And if that wasn’t good enough, it’s also free!

Label: N/A
Release: 10/12/18

6. Dusky – Staunch (KETTAMA Remix) 

‘Staunch’ was originally released by the UK duo as part of their ‘Aset Forever’ EP on their own 17 Steps imprint back in September. KETTAMA’s remix strips it down to the basics with loud, hard-hitting drums/percussion and raw, jagged synth stabs that send the track into overdrive.
We’re expecting this track to do the rounds over the coming months with KETTAMA’s name continuously picking up momentum and driving forward.
Label: 17 Steps
Release: 14/12/18 
7. Jordan – Kerbkrawler
Belfast’s Jordan has been on fire throughout 2018 with a number of his tracks finding their way into the record bags of some of the best in the industry. His forthcoming ‘Obsession EP’, due out at the end of the month has been well-received so far. Kerbkrawler is a massive Italo Disco styled banger that gives a nod to the sound of the 80’s while still keeping a modern touch. Synths, synths and more synths.
Label: Abandon Silence
Release: 24/12/18
8. Lemin – Avant Garden 
Big house track here from the UK’s Lemin. Over the last year he’s been consistently putting out top quality tracks but this one definitely tops the rest. Warm chords coupled with jacking 909 drums, a subtle vocal, sax samples and a stunning Xylophone/Glockenspiel riff make for a rather special track. This track is also part of a V/A record in aid of those affected by earthquakes in Indonesia so it’s a great tune for a great cause.
Label: Apér’House
Release: 10/11/18
9. Dusky – Amongst The Gods (Brame & Hamo Remix) 
The Sligo duo have been going from strength to strength over the last year, with a string of successful releases on their own eponymous label as well as some remixes on labels such as LOFT Records, so it comes as no surprise that the in demand duo were scouted out for remix duties by Dusky.
This remix sees Brame & Hamo take the track down a much darker path, with a fast-paced broken beat pattern, metallic percussion and deep, gritty synth layers while still maintaining the euphoric and melodic edge from the original track.
  – –
Label: 17 Steps
Release: 14/12/18
10. Taro Asama – Hikari 
Chikyu-u Records have been gifting us with amazing house jams over the last couple of years. This track is no different, a classic take on deep house with lush resonating chords, synth stabs and shuffling snares accompanied by a high strung acid line and deep sub bass. Sporadic piano riffs and string sections really help bring the piece together
Label: Chikyu-u Records
Release: December 2018
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