The Guest List is back… After a short break to focus on some other projects, Karl Guest is back once again to pick out 10 of his current favourites as well as some upcoming releases. 

Karl’s taste spans across a number of genres and he is constantly altering his style from gig to gig, similarly to what he chooses to listen to – he’s been busy championing nights all over Dublin and at festivals all over the country, so we’re glad we could catch him to share his versatile taste with all of us.

As expected, this list is a mixed bag of styles and sounds with everything from Electro, Italo, House, Breakbeat and more all being included.

1. DJ RN – Goma 

2. Octo Octa – I Need You

3. Todd Osborn – Not Too Real 

4. Kamus – Is That Alien Music?

5. Intimacy – Stargate 2020 

6. Dub Striker – UY Scuti

7. Matthieu Faubourg – Parallel Lines (Baldo Remix)

8. Aquatronics – Amber Island 

9. Long Island Sound – We Got Fired For This  

10. Aguila – El Sol Rojo  

Karl plays all night long in Izakaya Basement tonight for a free party. Join the event page here

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