The Lockdown Series is our latest series in which we invite some friends of ours to choose 10 tracks they feel are essential listening to get you through this lockdown and isolation period.

We’ll be bringing you the picks of some local and international names which will be sure to make your quarantine a little bit easier. These songs selected by the artists will be both a representation of what they play and what they’ll be listening to in their downtime during lockdown, a deeper dive into the minds and tastes of the DJs you love.

For the third edition of the series we have a very familiar name and face for anyone who is interested in the heavier, darker side of electronic music, Stranger.

1. Jah Wobble’s Invaders Of The Heart – Becoming More Like God (Secret Knowledge To Hell And Back Mix).

Talking about adventurous techno tracks! Opened with this track last set ay Berghain; the track fits that room and atmosphere perfectly. The tune was brought to my attention by good friend and (studio) neighbour David Vunk, who used to play lots of sick Techno and even Tekno back in the 90s!

2. Joel Mull – Eroticon 6 (B1).

I’m a sucker for Swedish techno and one of the guys who stood out a lot for me was Joel Mull. This track really reminds me of a sweaty Sunday morning in a small and packed club, when the vibe is at its best and when no one really wants to go home.

3. Legowelt – Electro Race.

Don’t think Legowelt needs much introduction, one of the original story-telling-through-tracks producers around. This one is no different. We are the Electro Race…

4. Alien Disco – Hi-Grade.

I’ve started to get into Aubrey’s productions a lot lately, this one was produced in 97 and was well sought after until it got a repress recently. Dreamy tech dancefloor vibes

5. DJ Remy – Backstabber.

Great track from one of the original club DJ’s in The Netherlands since the late eighties. One of Awakenings it’s first residents, too. This got released in 1999 and builds quite nicely!

6. Project – Pattern 3.

Side-project from the Drumcode boss Adam Beyer which he used to release quite uncommon stuff if you look at his discography. Lovely emo techno tracks.

7. Joel Mull – Sun Set (B2).

Another one from Joel Mull coming from the same “Inside” imprint as the tune ive mentioned earlier. A beautifully crafted techno track, solid yet touching.

8. Luke Slater – Moave Violin.

Luke Slater had a lot of different faces as a producer, something i always enjoy a lot; when you are a versatile producer that is capable of doing all styles so well. This is one of the harder tracks from his early Peacefrog releases. A proper firm techno trip.

9. Parris Mitchell & DJ Funk – Follow Me Ghetto (Acid).

Dreamy Ghetto House track from these two Chicago legends. “Going to a place / gonna take you to another land / where there is no race / just people holding hands / a break from reality / put your mind at ease / just listen to the radio / and follow me.”

10. Izm – Footloose (Mix 2).

Last but not least a slower breakbeat track released as a rare promo in 1996 on Speedy J’s “Beam Me Up” label but recently re-released on his STOOR label (STOOR33). A beautiful 9-minute breakbeat ambient trip to end my list of 10 adventurous lockdown cuts with!

If you want to check out more of our Lockdown Series you can find out Altern 8’s essentials here.

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