The Lockdown Series is our latest series in which we invite some friends of ours to choose 10 tracks they feel are essential listening to get you through this lockdown and isolation period.

We’ll be bringing you the picks of some local and international names which will be sure to make your quarantine a little bit easier. These songs selected by the artists will be both a representation of what they play and what they’ll be listening to in their downtime during lockdown, a deeper dive into the minds and tastes of the DJs you love.

For the 11th edition, we welcome the Dublin duo, Long Island Sound. Long Island Sound recently returned home to Ireland after a stint in Berlin, where they focussed on fine tuning their productions, this was certainly the case as the lads have had a host of recent releases that have gone down well with both DJ’s and fans alike.

This year, prior to lockdown, the lads had just made their Boiler Room Debut at their event in Jam Park alongside Saoirse, Skatebard, Efa O’Neill, Fio Fah and Prosumer. Their set was regarded as a highlight and has accumulated over 12,000 views since being published. The duo continue on their journey and we expect to see a lot more from them in the coming year.

For a special edition of The Lockdown Series, Long Island Sound have taken their own approach to the list and have given us an insight into their favourite releases since the lockdown began. We’re delighted to shine some light on some of the talent and music coming out during this tough time.

Check out the list below!

1. Niles Cooper – A Tale From The Clouds (Black Springs Records).
Niels’ debut album on Black Springs Records. Really superb album from start to finish. Ranging from ambient to dub techno to chicago to electro. Our pick is Elegy For An Innocence Lost. Emotional electro goodness. 
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2. Manuel Darquart – It’s A Dub (Stamp The Wax).
Been big fans of Manuel Darquart for ages. This track was made in three days, as part of Stamp The Wax’s Isolation Therapy Compilation. Funds from sales going towards keeping Stamp The Wax and the artists afloat.
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3. Adam Pits – International Wafter (Coastal Haze).
Mental release on Seb Wildblood’s Coastal Haze. The title track is killa, but the B2 takes the biscuit for us. Great groove, lovely synthwork followed by an amazing breakdown around the 3 minute mark. Our only wish was that this tune was longer. Just released digitally a few days ago. 
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4. Tornado Wallace – Midnight Mania (Optimo Music).
Percussive and psychedelic 5-track mini album just put out last month on Optimo Music. Our pick is Jungle Dream. ‘Music inspired by the earth… the dirt itself’, according to the man himself. You can almost feel the foliage!
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5. Edmondson & Practitioner – Linhope (Lissoms).
Sampley cosmic crackle with a split EP between Edmondson and Practitioner on Lissoms. ‘Kloof’ has Edmondson on top form again. Great groove and lovely use of vocal samples underneath some delicate synth work. Full vinyl release this May. 
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6. Body Corp – Soft Expression (Soothsayer)
Soft Pads, pulsing Synths & Warm Basslines – This EP is a winner from start to finish, including the Francis Inferno remix. 
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7. Annie Hall – Fum (CPU Records).
4 track EP with a more atmospheric take on Electro. Broken-beat electro drums, atmospheric synths & texture make this whole EP a great journey.  The A1, Verd Mar, is our favourite. Layers of texture with reverb, delay & drenched synths.
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8. Kouslin – 2020 Vision (Livity Sound).
This Ep focuses on tempo and in the words of Kouslin  himself “The fixation of tempo in the UK’.  Throughout the 4 tracks there is an obvious influence of Dancehall, Techno and more, all mixed together to great this diverse EP. Title Track 2020 Vision is the winner for us.
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9. Music for Quarantine Vol.1 (All City Records).
This digital compilation is raising money for ALONE, a charity that works with the elderly in Ireland. The release is full of amazing Irish producers with a huge array of talent throughout. Our favourite on this one is Der Opium Queen who strikes again with an amazing track with an equally amazing name – ‘Freezing Warm’
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10. Fantastic Man – Grounded (Fantastic Man).
This one’s a no-brainer. We’ve been long time fans of Fantastic Man’s productions, so this is special. A 15 track album full of unreleased tracks from as far back as 2014. Nostalgic vibes on this one. False Consciousness, as featured on DJ Seinfeld’s DJ Kicks, is just one of the great tunes up for grabs here. 
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Times are tough for everyone at the moment, but the world of making music keeps spinning. That being said, we thought we’d give a nod to some of our favourite bits that are being released during the madness. If you have the dolla, invest in these releases to give some much-deserved support to the artists <3 – L.I.S.

If you need more Isolation selections you can check them out here.

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