The Lockdown Series is our latest series in which we invite some friends of ours to choose 10 tracks they feel are essential listening to get you through this lockdown and isolation period.

We’ll be bringing you the picks of some local and international names which will be sure to make your quarantine a little bit easier. These songs selected by the artists will be both a representation of what they play and what they’ll be listening to in their downtime during lockdown, a deeper dive into the minds and tastes of the DJs you love.

For the 12th edition we host the infamous and notorious DJ FREQUENCY. After the collective of masked DJ’s ‘Digital Indecency’ popped up last year, DJ Frequency, and fellow balaclava bearing DJ Speed became regular names on Techno line ups,. His style and taste can be best described as fast, heavy, pounding, loopy and absolutely energising. The fast paced, choppy mixing is a modern day resurgence of the 90’s techno style they were inspired by.

We expect to be seeing a lot more of this balaclava bearing ‘Mixmaster’ to come. He also had something to say once we finally tracked him down.

“Hello this is DJ Frequency, I was called and specifically asked to produce ten of my favourite techno records to entertain the FOURFOUR following and shed some light on all the amazing tunes that make me horny. I have chosen some bangers from the late 90’s, early 2000’s – These tunes are what originally got me into old school techno. Attached is a mix, some of these records feature in it – you could think of it as DJ Frequency driving an old school techno bus through space and time to the club.”

Check out the list below!

1. Robert Armanj – Grind

2. Redhead – FLy Cargo

3. Umek – Exutol

4. Aleesandro F. – Madonna mia

5. Midfieldgeneral – Coatnoise (Dave Clarke Remix)

6. DJ Vitamin D – Untitled B2

7, Traxster – Believe (UK Gold Remix)

8. Rok – Cycle Sluts

9. Richard Bartz – Subway Part 3

10. Player – Untitled (Fifteen – A1)

If you need more Isolation selections you can check them out here.

If that’s not enough Isolation tunes still, check out DJ Frequency’s mix below!

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