With Life Festival just over 5 weeks away we thought it would be beneficial to have a closer look at some of the Irish acts performing at this year’s iteration of the festival. Here are 10 Irish acts not to miss at Life Festival 2023.

Summertime for many festival-goers typically coincides with the end of May each year, when summer exams have concluded and the grand auld stretch in the evening has returned to its bright and sunny state. This crosses over perfectly with Life Festival each year and is a monumental weekend for many as they make the wholesome journey to Belvedere House and Gardens in Mullingar for a weekend of excitement filled with quality dance music.

This year is no different as they welcome a flurry of fantastic acts from both home and abroad in anticipation of Life’s biggest and boldest year yet. We decided to pick out 10 Irish acts not to miss at this year’s edition of the festival (Though, please keep in mind that this list is subjective and is merely a closer look at a handful of acts ahead of a magical weekend in Mullingar next month, since each and every act performing at the festival has earned their place as a result of dedication, passion and hard work!).

Dylan Fogarty

Dylan Fogarty kicks off this list of must-see Irish acts that are performing at this year’s Life Festival. Dylan is undeniably one of the countries’ hottest prospects at the moment and rightly so, as he has built up an incredible discography since he started producing just a few years ago that encapsulates a funky and playful sound that is made for dancing. Combine this with a keen ear for mixing and you are left with a bright young artist with a phenomenal future ahead of him.

Yasmin Gardezi

Next up is Kerry’s own Yasmin Gardezi. Yasmin has built an amazing reputation as a formidable DJ over years of consistency and graft which has led her to play massive club shows and festivals all across Ireland and beyond in recent times. Possessing a distinctly raw, dark and eerily fast-paced sound Yasmin’s performance will be right up there this May with many of her international counterparts. Don’t miss this. You have been warned.


Local sweetheart Collie makes his way onto this list as he has earned the title of one of Ireland’s finest DJs of our generation, plain and simple. For purveyors of underground vinyl cuts and unearthed dance music gems, Collie is your guy. Genuinely an unmissable act for any house music fans heading to Life this year.


Derv secures a spot on this list as one of the countries leading DJs pushing alternative dance music sounds like electro, ghetto tech and ghetto house. Fusing these genres into her sets ever so fluidly with a mixture of trance and techno makes every Derv set an intriguing and interesting one, to say the least.

High Fidelity

Much like Derv, High Fidelity has gone from strength to strength showcasing his formidable talent, skill and dedication as an artist over the course of the last few years. Pushing a primarily tough, bouncy and energetic electro sound which has been met with much-deserved success. His Life set certainly will not disappoint.

Chantel Kavanagh

Chantel Kavanagh is yet another artist not to be missed ahead of this year’s Life Festival for festivalgoers who are big-time fans of new and old house music and disco. Chantel has built a strong reputation as one of Ireland’s leading house DJs in recent times and we cannot wait for her return to Mullingar in May.


Obskür is without a doubt one of the most anticipated acts that have been announced for Life Festival this year, and rightly so. The esteemed house music duo have gained tremendous success by means of numerous standout productions which has propelled them to play on some of the biggest and most respected stages right across Europe. Their set on the Friday of Life will be legendary. Bring it on!


Next up is Mav666, a Berlin-based DJ and producer who possesses a keen ear for quality dance music and has built a repertoire for performing at some of the biggest stages that Ireland has to offer which is no mean feat. Coupling this with a solid discography from start to finish she finds herself firmly placed on this list of acts you need to see at this year’s Life Festival.


Alt8 finds himself placed on this list as a must-see act at this year’s Life Festival. Alt8 has hit massive heights as an artist over the last year or so which has seen him perform all across the globe and can be found performing at the Index stage next month in what will be a monumental performance. How exciting!


Cailín completes this list as one of the most well-respected dance music artists that Ireland has to offer. She focuses on vinyl only when DJing and hardware with her productions, the Subject and District 8 resident has set the bar outrageously high when it comes to showcasing stellar DJ performances making this a truly unmissable set at this year’s Life Festival.

You can purchase tickets for Life Festival 2023 here.

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