BD Festival returns to Glendalough this Sunday for it’s bi-annually one dayer. BD have put on some of the best one-day festivals over the last few years, as well as hosting huge acts like Huxley, Clouds, Wanklemut and Dimitri From Paris.

This year’s lineup sees a huge techno lineup as Techno & Cans return to take over a stage for the forth BD Festival in a row. Their stage hosts the like of Dax J and Perc as well as a huge local lineup including Techno & Cans residents Sam Greenwood, Jake Nolan, Luke Xander and Eoin Donovan.

Toast Dublin look after the forest stage once again with Boots & Kats headlining. They’re joined by another massive local lineup including the likes of AJ Ferris, George Feely and Dublin’s favourite meme Kark Guest.

The La Catrina stage sees Irish favourite Ejeca topping the bill while the Bedlam DJs, EVE and Kaily are some of the other names joining him.

Other stages include The Midnight Disco as well as a live stage titled ‘Cuervo’.

How To Get There

You can book the bus for either day via the link below.


Lineup & Set-times


 What To Bring

  • Your Ticket – There’s always one person ringing their ma wondering if their ticket is on the kitchen table.
  • Cash – Queue’s for ATM’s aren’t fun when your favourite DJ is playing in the distance.
  • Drink- BD Festival is a Bring your own booze festival. Bring cans.
  • ID – BD Festival is an over 18’s event. You’ll probably be asked to prove it.
  • Comfortable shoes – Your friends don’t want to listen to you complain about your sore feet.
  • Ear Plugs – Tinnitus isn’t fun.
  • Charged Phone + Power Bank – Nobody likes losing their friends.
  • Warm clothes.

What Not To Bring

  • Not sound people.
  • Weapons – Obviously.
  • Glass Bottles

How To Stay Safe

As always we do understand that some people or somebody that they know will inevitably take drugs this weekend. You can check out our guide to staying safe when using festival drugs below.

For more information on BD Festival click here.

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