DSNT Rave Tapes is back with issue 015 featuring a hardcore banger from Lituanian producer Somniac One. This has DSNT hard and heavy written all over it, especially with Turlo Flango doing a dance tutorial for the brand new video.

Insane madness hardcore techno crossover from Somniac One. When we first heard this track we knew it was a good fit for DSNT, absolute stomper kick drum banger. No compromises – just flat out insane madness. Early support from Ghost in the Machine, Perc & Manni Dee. Artwork & Video by Visual Spectrum 

Somniac One is a Lithuanian DJ and producer whose powerful sound and aesthetics have made her one of industrial and alternative hardcore’s most exciting names.

Somniac One’s sound is intense, emotional, atmosphere-driven and technically precise. Her fierce kicks, combined with distinct, innovative sound design have made her one of the most respected artists of the new wave of hardcore producers. She has played at prominent hardcore festivals such as Defqon.1, Decibel and Masters of Hardcore, and she is one of a select few hardcore artists to break the mold and play at events like the Astropolis Festival, Motel Mozaïque, Bangface and Boiler Room.

Somniac One’s music is supported by some of the most prominent names in industrial hardcore and techno. She has released EPs on renowned underground labels Love Hz, Meta4 and Speed of Sound. She has also released several EPs on the nonconformist punk rock haven of hardcore that is the Rotterdam-based PRSPCT label, which now serves as her home base and booking agency.

Hardcore will surely never die, but Somniac One is here to make sure it doesn’t with her heavy and relentless kicks.

Check out the video on our youtube channel below!

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