Dublin City based artist electronic CYNEMA creates an opportunistic video piece as he brings us through an unrecognisably deserted Dublin on his skateboard. The short film is soundtracked by a new & unreleased CYNEMA track ‘Promises’

With the country remaining in it’s current state of lockdown, and coming to an unforeseen and unimaginable stand still, creatives are using this time to experiment with some otherwise impossible art.

A prime example of this comes in the form of a video following a skateboarder around an unfamiliar, deserted Dublin City. This accompanies a currently unreleased production by the solo electronic act ‘Cynema’.

It was written during the period of Corona-Virus lockdown and definitely contains some of the angst and anxiety of the time. I’m super excited about it and it’ll likely find it’s way onto a body of work before the end of this year.” – Cynema

You can check out the video below now.

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