Last Saturday morning, out of the blue, I received an email regarding a new track and music video. Sometimes these emails go under our radar as we’re a small team, but we’re delighted we didn’t sleep on this one.

Like many do on Saturday morning when slightly hungover, I watched the video horizontal in bed, unsure what to expect as I don’t know Samuel or have an idea what was in store, but this incredible video made me sit up and pay attention.

I watched this three, maybe four times and then mailed Samuel right back, asking for some background information about himself, the track, the video and the concept. I was in awe of the sound combined with the meticulously and carefully put together series of video clips and photographs, from places I recognised, some places I didn’t, with portraits of people I didn’t know, but from settings I’m more than familiar with.

The video, which has been edited by Josh Meany, captures nightclubs, gaff parties, bonds with close mates, bonds with complete strangers, travelling to sessions, parties, memories and cans – the bedrock of the Irish scene. It’s Ireland, it’s a representation of our generation. It’s fucking amazing.

Samual Power is a producer from Naas, who has just released a two track EP called ‘Floating/Sulphur’, which you can find below. Both tracks are atmospheric, hypnotic and completely mesmerising and must be heard. Think Jon Hopkins on Saturday night at Body & Soul Festival, close your eyes and you’re exactly there. Samual Power is a talent, that needs to be heard and supported. You can support the artist and purchase his EP here.

Samuel tells the story behind the video:

“So i’ve been sitting on that track for about a year and a half. My friend Josh and I lived in a house on Parnell Street a couple years ago with a few other friends and we threw a load of parties there. It was a hectic place to live, but great memories with all our mates. Josh has had all these photos and footage from around that time sitting on his computer for ages and we figured that they’d go well with that track. I wrote it to be bittersweet, nostalgic, full of highs and lows, so the two fitted naturally together, especially with that rushing video edit. I had actually posted the track a year ago but totally forgot to add a bassline somehow. So took it down and spent a lot of time on that part.”

Watch the full five minute video below, which Josh Meany captured and edited to perfection.

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